What’s left to eat? (Pt. 2)

After reviewing yesterday’s post (and all the lists, notes, and articles I’ve been using to figure this thing out), I realized I had a compulsive need to organize and consolidate all of the information I’ve immersed myself in over the last week. It might have something to do with reducing the overwhelm of trying to figure out how to move forward with meal planning and shopping. It might be a deeper need to have SOMETHING organized in my life. Whatever the reason, I spent five hours, at the Resident Services Community Center for the housing project I live at using one of their PCs.


Initialy, I attempted to use the files I’d previously created with the Open Office apps and saved to my Google Drive. However, when I got to the center and opened up the files from the browser, none of the edits I made seemed to stick, despite the “autosaved successfully” messages. I was incredibly irritated. Thankfully, my previous life as an office drone served me well. I opened up EXCEL 2010 and got to work. I now have fully formatted and organized documents for my Comprehensive, Modified, Seasonal Whole30 plan! One is a spreadsheet that I can update and modify as things change and the other is a .pdf, which I’m willing to share with those who are interested. Here are sample images:

See? Isn’t it pretty?

If you want to access the actual document, follow this link: Comprehensive Modified Seasonal Whole30

You’re welcome.

Now, I go grocery shopping.


  1. Hi Lillian. How did your whole 30 turn out? Did you have bloodwork done? Did you notice some symptoms improve?


  2. Big Kudos for all your work Lillian. I can appreciate all the effort that went into building such a collection of info and providing a clear organizing structure which others can use to build on. I also appreciate your loving spirit to share the fruits of your labor with others free of any costs to them. However, it does not seem inconsistent to suggest that someone might make a small donation as a token of appreciation of your work, perhaps by PO snail mail just to keep it simple.

    Diet is a continuous regimen for me as well because of all the meds I take and my general physical health, not just for losing weight so I am always open to new information and ideas about food. Thank you…. hugs G


    1. Thanks Gregg. I suppose I could look into setting up PayPal or even doing a GoFundMe method for donations. I’ll have to think on it a bit. I’m glad you’re finding this helpful.


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