Courageous Confessionsal Award Blog

In July 2012 during my participation in my first ever Ultimate Blog Challenge I was honored to gain readership and new followers.  The biggest part of the gain was in being introduced to so many other blogs and bloggers who have significant things to say and who have or are in the process of travelling their own personal Hero’s Journeys, even if they wouldn’t define themselves as such.  I also began to receive, what felt to me, an overwhelming number of nominations for peer driven Awards.

I noticed the titles would often include adjectives such as Inspiring, Lovely, and Versetile. All very good adjectives. Part of the Awards process almost always seemed to include a pay it forward piece. It was a challenge, at times for me to find blogs that, in my opinion, fit the description accurately.  I like reading all kinds of blogs with a variety of styles and content, but the ones that speak to me at a heart and soul level, are those where the authors are taking a huge risk by sharing their rawest, deepest, darkest, and most painful struggles and allowing the rest of us a chance to see what lies beneath.  These are courageous people who are basically confessing their truest sense of self, whatever that means for them.

After falling behind on the acceptance of all the awards and fulfilling the various interesting and fun, yet time and energy consuming rules and requirements that seem to come with the acceptance of peer awards, I did some evaluating and realized that I wanted to create an award that honored people who were taking such great risks in a way that didn’t place a burden, but offered an opportunity. And so the Courageous Confessional Blog Award was born

And now I present the Courageous Confessionals Award Blog. Please visit, read, follow, and nominate. Thank you.

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