When I first started out with my blog and began following other blogs, I would go to my reader and see what was new.  A few times I would click on something only to wind up somewhere other than where I had thought I was going.  It confused me until I realized what was happening was something called re-blogging.  Kind of like sharing on facebook. Click reblog and someone else’s post gets partially published on your blog.

To be perfectly truthful, I felt cheated and annoyed.  I was following the blogs I was because I wanted to see and read their words, see their creations, and share their experiences.  There were actually a few blogs I stopped following because it seemed like most of their content was reblogged or they would post their own content and then reblog a lot of other things, which filled up my reader and made it difficult for me to find the blogs I had chosen to follow.

Later, I would come across something that would really speak to me and resonate with me in such a way that I was compelled to share it.  So, I would click on reblog.  A few times I highlighted something inside the post that especially jumped out at me and then click reblog.  What I came to realize is that while the link is embedded, unless I went in and edited it, the post would look suspiciously like I was taking credit for someone else’s writing.  I was not comfortable with that.  So, I began trying to include a personal comment or statement about what I was reblogging.  Often, instead of re-blogging, I try to actually write a post and link back to the post that contributed or inspired to my thoughts.

As I was reviewing my posts, I realized that the total number of posts that WordPress is telling me I’ve posted doesn’t differentiate from original content of mine and that which was re-blogged.  Since, I liked and thought those posts were significant enough to reblog, I think they deserve a page of their own. So, here they are, in reverse order of when I clicked the reblog button:

October 10, 2012 ~ Bloggers for Movember by Clown on Fire

October 9, 2012 ~ Busy being busy by talktodiana, depression comix #82 by Clay

October 7, 2012 ~ LEAFING by dan4kent, Defining Crazy on Black Box Warnings

July 23, 2012 ~ Nursery Rhyme 2012 – Reblogged from good2begone

July 21, 2012 ~ LET IT BE – Reblogged from dan4kent

July 10, 2012 ~ Don’t be a Victim – Reblogged from in case i’m gone

July 3, 2012 ~ Raspberry Skulls and Bloody Scones – Reblogged from The Heartbreak of Invention

July 3, 2012 ~ Beachy Head Lighthouse Picture 2 – Reblogged from The Phoblography

June 30, 2012 ~ EVERYBODY HURTS – Reblogged from dan4kent

There’s more, but I have to finish going through my archives to locate them all

Your feedback, thoughts, and input are appreciated.

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