28 Days to a New Me

On May 1, 2013 I began participating in what I call an accountability and commitment challenge. Unlike The Ultimate Blog Challenges I have participated in, which have grown me immeasurably as a writer and a blogger, this challenge incorporates and requires “proof” that I have completed the daily commitment I set for myself when signing up for it.

It is called, “28 Days to a New Me.” It is hosted and operated by Robert Kennedy III, someone whom I met as part of my participation in the Dream Stoker Nation, an encouragement and support group for people who are actively engaged in pursuing their personal and professional dreams. Robert was such a dynamic, encouraging, and supportive person in this group, that I invited him to be a contributor to this Human In Recovery blog. You can go here to read his post.

Robert was working on the final stages of publishing his e-book, “28 Days to a New Me,” and posted numerous updates about this process. He also started posting accountability questions, designed to encourage and inspire the rest of us Dream Stokers to commit to our dream and share what we were doing or intended to do toward reaching those dreams.

All of these things factored into me signing up for his 28 Days emails and newsletters and then joining the next accountability group, which began on May 1, 2013.

At this very moment, Day 5 is about to begin, as my clock ticks ever closer to midnight. It’s difficult to believe, but my little commitment to complete 15 minutes of physical activity each day and provide proof to the group, has grown and stretched me in ways I never imagined.

One of those ways is that I began writing a post each day of the journey (so far) on my, previously neglected, Experiments in Health and Wellness blog. I also learned how to create and upload videos. So, in addition to a blog post, I also have an accompanying video, on YouTube, where I am chronicling my 28 day journey to a new me.

  • This is the link that will take you directly to the “28 Days to a New Me” page on my Experiments in Health and Wellness blog. Each blog post includes the video for that day’s completed commitment.

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