Six Word Fridays

When I was participating in the July 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge I came across Melissa Camara Wilkins’ blog where she was hosting Six Word Fridays. In September 2012 she passed the torch over to Adrienne at My Memory Art. I receive a weekly email from Adrienne with a prompt word/topic for the week. The goal is to use six words to write about the topic prompt. Some people use pictures and caption them. Some use exactly six words. Being addicted to words, it is very difficult for me to stop at just six words. Therefore, many of my entries have a series of six-word lines or phrases written in a poetic format. Some of them I’ve written to contain six lines or six phrases. I also try to keep the content in alignment with my personal journey of recovery, healing, and growth, especially as it relates to me working through my depression and in my family relationships. I hope you enjoy what you read and if it resonates with you, I welcome your thoughts, responses, and feedback.

July 6, 2012 ~ Finding Myself After Losing My Mind

July 13, 2012 ~ Found In July

July 20, 2012 ~ F.O.U.N.D.

July 27, 2012 ~ Found in July: Freedom

August 3, 2012 ~ August Fun with Princess Tomboy

August 10, 2012 ~ Fun beating the heat

August 17, 2012 ~ Reunion Fun

September 14, 2012 ~ Captive

September 21, 2012 ~ Knock, Knock

September 28, 2012 ~ Wander

October 5, 2012 ~ Comfort

October 12, 2012 ~ Seek the light

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