Creatively Inspiring Joy: My photography blog (wip)

In the interest of being engaged and present while being laid low by a conflux of symptoms from the fibromyalgia and a head cold, the gloomy, cold & damp weather, and social isolation, I just created a new blog, Creatively Inspiring Joy.

It’s going to be my virtual photo album, scrapbook, and creative self-discovery and expression journal. An added dimension in my journey of healing and recovery.


Flowers & Nature: Wonder, Peace & Contentment, Hopefully happy, Shifts in filtered perspective,

Cityscapes & Urban: Clarity & perspective, City Cat, Have you ever seen the sun on a rainy day?

People: Interactive Clowning, Braids!,

Random Inspiration: Good fortune, good advice


  1. This sounds like a wonderful project to keep focused on the postive. I will visit there, next!
    One word though: I “followed” you via the button on the wordpress black bar across the top of this page, but that has not been working for me. Even though it shows me as your follower on that bar and on my site (I dont’ know if I’m showing up as a follower on your end), I never got the cofirmation email from WP, and I will not receive new post notifications from your site. This is a frustrating puzzlement, and I have learned that the only way I can receive notifications is if I click the follow button on the blog’s page. Just thought I’d let you know.
    Thanks for your visits and your follow, by the way!
    And, you really are a terrific writer.


    1. Robin,
      Wow, thank you so much. I’m having some funky things happen with the whole following thing as well. However, you are showing up as a follower who I am also following…mutual stalker society? I don’t do email much and get easily overwhelmed. So I just use my Reader list and my follower list to find the blogs I want to check in with, as I am able. Thanks for commenting and complimenting.



      1. Well, I’m glad I’m showing up as a stalker. I guess I’ll just keep popping over from time to time!
        I think I’ve heard of other bloggers having the same problem.
        Thanks to you, too, Kina!


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