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July 2012

It appears to be Awards Season in the blogosphere!

Perhaps it’s because of all the good folks participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge and the fact that I’m meeting so many new bloggers.  Who knows, but while it feels really wonderful to get all these nominations, it’s also a tad overwhelming to get them all at once.  I want to honor each nominator and do my part in sharing the love and appreciation for other bloggers out there.  However, I do believe this is the first time in my life I have first-hand experience in understanding the phrase, “embarrassment of riches.”

From July 9, 2012 through July 28, 2012,  thirteen fellow bloggers have nominated me for nine different awards.  It’s more than a little overwhelming to receive this much love and attention all at once. It’s also a bit daunting because each award means answering some questions or offering more tidbits and factoids about me.  While I seem to have no problem disclosing all the trauma and drama in my world and going into dense discourse on the subjects, I seem to have an inability to come up with less intimate but somehow more personal details about myself.  Weird and uncomfortable to look at myself and think there might be something that interesting that would make others curious to know me better.

However, I think the most daunting portion of the entire thing is the pay it forward piece.  It’s an honor to be in a position to nominate others to receive these awards.  However, it also feels like a responsibility.  I want to make sure that I’m not only paying forward to a wonderful blog, there are so many out there, I want to make sure I’m paying it forward to a blog that maybe has not had the recognition and exposure that it deserves.  So many of the blogs I’ve been following and have enjoyed for a while already have a lot of recognition and have received the awards I’ve been gifted with, occasionally multiple times.  So, that means I need to take the time to expand my knowledge and experience of the blogs of others.

So that I don’t forget who nominated me for what, I’m going to list the awards and those who gave them to me here.  Then, once I have time to give each award the proper attention and gather the lists of blogs I’m going to pay it forward to, I’ll do a post and link it back to the award shown here.

I have decided that I am not able to do individual posts to receive, reciprocate and pass on each of these individual award, despite my efforts to keep up. So, please go award yourselves and pay it forward.




  1. Well done Kina, you deserve every one. You have uplifted people with your blog time and time again, your honesty is an inspiration to us all as is your fighting spirit.


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